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How to Get Your Boyfriend Back by Taking Control

Breaking up with your boyfriend is one of the hardest things to have to deal with in your life. The old song, 'breaking up is hard to do' is understood totally by anyone who has been through it. How to get your boyfriend back will be one of the most pressing questions on your mind.

The feelings of despair can be quite intense; especially if it was he who wanted to break up with you - and it broke your heart.

To devise ways of how to get your boyfriend back, ask yourself one very important but difficult question: why did he want to break up with you?

Ask yourself these pertinent questions:

Did you take the relationship for granted in any way?
Was it because of your attitude toward his friends?
Were you both ready for a serious relationship?

Thinking honestly about these questions had will help. Don't put all the blame on him. Think of ways, that when you do get back with him, you can improve your relationship with him.

Ways to get him back

1. First of all, after you have broken up, minimize everyday contact with him. If you share the same circle of friends and can't avoid each other, try to talk to others and avoid too much eye contact with him.

2. Don't open conversations with your ex boyfriend first. Let him be the one to open the conversations. If he does want to talk to you, keep the conversations pleasant, but brief.

3. Think of the things that first attracted him to you. Was it your hair, your eyes, your figure or your charming wit. Do little things to make him notice you. Make him crazy with the things about you that he finds attractive. It might just be your smile, your friendly nature or the way you walk.

4. Be careful not to act too desperate to get him back. Don't be the one to suggest first that you want to get back with him. You want to make him miss you. Constantly trying to contact him might push him away even further.

• Don't text him
• Don't call him
• Don't email him
• Above all - don't stalk him

You need to distract yourself with your own friends for a while. Keep yourself busy - this will help you get over the break up. Ask your friends what they did when they broke up with a boyfriend.

Some ideas to help you fill in the time are:

• Go for walks with friends
• Go to the movies
• Do something new and exciting that you haven't done before such as visit a new city, skydive or visit a zoo or museum.
• Take up a new hobby.
• Take up a new sport.

All of these activities will not only be fun and exciting, but when you do meet up with your ex boyfriend you will have lots of new fun and adventurous things to talk about with him! He will find you interesting and stimulating.

Most importantly, remember he was attracted to YOU and not a fake version of you. He saw something in you that drew him to you in the beginning. Be the person that your boyfriend first got to know.

Lastly, the best advice on how to get your boyfriend back is to always be yourself. The authentic you.
I hoped this brings strength to your situation and you, find the girl power within you and be strong girl.

Thank you for reading my article. Whatever your situation is, and whatever you plan to do, I wish you all the luck in the world in getting your ex boyfriend back! And remember, be strong!

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