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How to Get Your Boyfriend Back - You're Probably Making These Mistakes and Don't Even Know It!

Did you and your boyfriend have strong feelings for each other at one time? If so, then there is a strong chance he still feels a powerful connection to you (even though he may not be showing it right now.) Guys often hide their true feelings... what he says rarely reveals how he really feels. Do you wish the two of you could be back together? Maybe some mistakes were made and you'd like a second chance. If you're wondering how to get your boyfriend back then you must know exactly what to do and what to say in order to increase your odds of a reunion.

First, you must stop any behavior that comes across as needy or desperate. If your ex boyfriend feels like you're pushing for a reunion his natural reaction will be to pull away even more. Actually, this is human nature... if someone is "trying" to get you to do something, what do you do? Right, you instinctively put up a wall of resistance!

Needy behavior includes phone calls, arguing about the relationship, trying to convince him to come back, love letters, etc. You know when you're acting desperate... it doesn't feel good does it? That's because you're giving up all your power by chasing him. If you're doing this... stop now!

What should you do then? You must cut off all contact if you want to get your boyfriend back. Yes, I know this can be very difficult to do, especially if you're anxious to "fix" things. But you must force yourself to do this. No contact for at least a few weeks, even a month or more depending on the situation.

By having no contact, you show that you're no longer chasing him. Now your ex doesn't feel pressured. At this point, usually he will initiate contact with you. Why? Because you're no longer available. Your detached attitude is attractive to him because you've become a bit of a mystery.

This approach, although it is simple, is not easy to do. During this stage of no contact, make sure you stay busy doing positive things for yourself. Spend quality time with your friends and family, start working on a goal that's important to you, exercise, etc. These are just a few examples... just do things that improve your life and make you happy. This will help you resist the urge to break down and call your boyfriend in the middle of the night. When your ex boyfriend finally makes contact, he will see the positive changes, making him all the more attracted to you.

This method has worked for countless others... I know, I'm one of them! The first time was years ago when an ex girlfriend used this approach on me. Yes, it worked like a charm. Fast forward several years later and I found myself on the receiving end of being "dumped." I followed the "no contact" rule, focused on myself and adopted a detached attitude towards the relationship. Same result... we got back together. If you follow these tips on how to get your boyfriend back, you too stand a very good chance of success.

Can you learn how to save your relationship? Yes... but only if you avoid the common mistakes almost EVERYONE makes. Check out How To Get Your Boyfriend Back for more free tips on EXACTLY what to do and what to say to get your ex lover back in your arms (even if you are the only one trying.)

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