viernes, 16 de marzo de 2012

The Psychology of How to Get Ex Boyfriend Back

Have you recently been involved in a breakup? Do you have a strong desire to get ex boyfriend back? Do you have a dark hole in your heart since the breakup? Are you in continual pain from the loneliness of the separation. Here are some useful ways to get ex boyfriend back.

The first thing you need to do is back off from him for a while. Refrain from the constant calls, texts, emails, showing up where he is. This behavior is a turn off to most guys, and will not get you any closer to where you want to be.

How to get ex boyfriend back starts with changing the psychology around. You need to stop pursuing him and make him start pursuing you. When he becomes the pursuer, it will be much easier to get ex boyfriend back.

In order to make your ex boyfriend pursue you, you need to become more desirable to him. This starts with a change in attitude. The first step to this attitude change is to deal with the negative emotions surrounding the relationship and the breakup.

One good way to deal with these emotions is by writing a letter to your ex boyfriend describing all the good times and pain you felt during the relationship and the things you wished you'd told him.

Then, don't send the letter. Instead, get rid of the letter. Burn it, throw it away, do something with it, but get it out of your life. This will help you close out that part of the relationship.

After you have gotten rid of the letter, do your best to get rid of negativity in your life. One good way to accomplish this is to ask yourself better questions each day.

For example, instead of asking questions like "why do I have to go through all this pain?" Ask a better question like "what's good about this situation that I hadn't noticed before?"

When it comes to the relationship, ask questions like "what are some great qualities that my ex has?" In other words, think about what's good about your ex and about your present situation. Also, when you talk to your ex, bring up only the good experiences you had, and stay away from fighting about the things that caused the breakup.

In order to get ex boyfriend back, you need to make him feel good about you and the relationship again. You can help him to do this by becoming better at the things you know that he likes about you. For example, if he likes how you cook, learn some new recipes and surprise him with some new dishes.

Along these same lines, you can get ex boyfriend back by taking a look at things about yourself that you could improve. You probably know two or three areas of your life that he regularly complained about. Take a good look at how you can eliminate these weaknesses.

Lastly, be willing to casually date other people. A great way to turn him into the pursuer is to help him see that you are attractive to others, thus making you more desirable to him.

This new psychology surrounding the relationship will put him in the position of wanting to go out with you again, which will give you a great chance to get ex boyfriend back.

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