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Useful Tips on How to Get a Boyfriend Back

Do you miss him? Do your days seem empty without him? Do you spent countless hours reading the letters he gave you, and looking at the presents he gifted you? These are sure signs you want your boyfriend back. Worried because you might not be able to? Never fear- here is some tips on how to get boyfriend back!

Firstly, it's important to consider why you both had broken up in the first place. Think whether you really want him back, or whether you want him back just because you can't have him? Maybe you're attached to the idea of being attached? If he was an abusive, lying, cheating, or controlling type- think long and hard. Perhaps it's better not to get boyfriend back, if he has the above characteristics.

Here's an important point to remember- if you and your boyfriend had broken up just a few days, or a couple of weeks ago, play hard to get. Don't call him, if he likes you and is thinking about getting back, he'll call you for sure. But don't seem needy or over-emotional.

If you decide you do want to get boyfriend back, be yourself- be the girl he fell in love with. Why was he attracted to you? Because he felt happy around you, and you fulfilled his emotional needs. Try and correct any faults or bad habits you may have.

Try to smile around him, and make him feel good about himself. Reminisce about your past - share a funny memory both of you were part of or if you know he liked a particular outfit or a particular style of makeup, wear it again.

Females are more jealous species of the two and it's a known fact, so nothing complicated about it. Most of the time after breakup, when anxiety shocks strikes, carrying the feeling of loss of something which belonged to you is overwhelmingly painful.

It crushes you and makes you feel helpless beyond imagination. But you should let time go and not think or try to get boyfriend back because if he cared as much, he could have come back himself as well. What do you think?

Here's a good suggestion- suggest some casual non-committal activity, like going out for a drink with friends, or a movie together. It's something friends, or first dates would do. Keep it fun and lighthearted.

Skip out on the serious talks and emotional issues- all that will come later. If he initiates it, you follow- but keep the really heavy stuff out, as this probably isn't the moment for it.

You might express regret that you guys aren't together any more, and that you still think about him. Tell him you've had time to get a little perspective, and to work on your faults. Don't ever tell his friends, or even his family members that you want to get boyfriend back, and ask them to give him the message.

This is not third-grade, neither is it Pass the Message. The relationship was between you and him, let it stay that way. Bringing others into it will only make things more complicated.

Remember to be yourself- acting like someone you're not is tremendously putting-off, and it never works out in the long run. Don't hit on his best friend to make him jealous- it will hurt his feelings, and poof! There go your chances of getting boyfriend back.

Be subtle, be under-stated, use his signals - don't look desperate, as guys don't like that. Don't come on too strong- use the flirtatious eyes and body language for your bedroom mirror.

And lastly, be honest- nothing works better than good old plain honesty. Follow these tips and you will have a better chance to get boyfriend back.

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